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Водонепроницаемый чехол для видеокамеры VXF3

VXF3    VXF3

General information:

The underwater housing VXF3 is a 10 meter depth housing for the Canon XF300 and Canon XF305 digital camcorders. Specifically constructed for these camcorders the VXF3 housing is manufactured from double laminated PVC and has an integrated, optically neutral flat glass port.

The VXF3 underwater housing is not only perfect for snorkelling or shallow diving but also sandy, dusty, humid or foul weather conditions. This housing will give your camera the best possible protection while being fully operable.

The closing mechanism, which has proven itself for more than 40 years now, has a pair of non-corrosive and seawater resistant clamping rails which fit together for perfect sealing. They tighten by means of knurled thumb screw knobs.

Straps at the bottom of the underwater housing allow weights to be attached for perfect buoyancy under water.

It is supplied in a handy yellow carrying-case which has a water-proof interior and zippered side-pocket.

Make your camera to an underwater camera.


length 38cm (15 in.)
width 15cm (5,9 in.)
position of view finder wide, central
front port diameter 10cm (max. 82mm filterthread)
weight 800gr (1.8lbs.)

You will receive the following with your new VXF3 :

  • yellow carry-case which has a water-proof interior and zippered side-pocket
  • manual for ewa-marine video housings
  • initial supply of CD5
  • foam padding
  • CAF ring with 82 mm filter thread adapters